Featured Image OptionsEdit

On the whole, we tend not to include images within the body of the articles themselves - the occasional exception being the Editorial and Blog posts. We still include an image with all posts though as the web site is designed to "feature" images with their relevant pieces.

The best image size to use is a 770 x 420 pixel image, saved as a jpeg. Although an image that is at least that size will work. Avoid using images with either dimension smaller than this as it will look pixellated in some parts of the website (such as the homepage slider). Save the image you wish to use to somewhere on your computer that you can access it later.

Setting a Featured Image on an ArticleEdit

1. Find the following option on the Edit Post page and Click Set Featured Image.


2. This will open another box within the Wordpress window that should look like the box below. To upload your image to accompany your article, click the button labelled Select Files (highlighted below).


3. This will open yet another pop up window where you can navigate to where your image is stored on your computer. Select the image and hit the Open Button to upload your image to the website. (see below)


4. Once uploaded, the text box will update with a series of details about the image. For now, ignore all of these. Use the scroll bar on the right hand side (highlighted red below) and scroll down to the bottom of the window.


5. Amongst options now visible, locate and click on the link highlighted blue and labelled Use as Featured Image (see highlighted below). This will set the image as the featured image for the article. You can now close the "Image Options" window by clicking on the small grey x in the top right corner of the image.


Inserting Images into Articles Edit

To Be Completed