Formatting Google DocEdit

1. Find relevant piece in Editing Folders in "Ready to Print" (see below)


2. Open piece being formatted.

3. Delete word count and author from title of piece by clicking on title. (highlighted below)


Formatting of Title was:

Title of Piece - Word Count - Author

Formatting of title should now be:

Title of Piece

4. Make sure all paragraphs are separated by a single line gap.

5. Make sure all hyperlinks are in piece and are correct.

6. Make sure that author tag is separated at bottom of piece by double line space.

7. Format author tag as exampled below. (where the @ link leads to the authors Twitter Profile)

by Mr Example (@Example)

8. Close Document.

Uploading to WebsiteEdit

1. Open Ready for Print folder so piece is visible. (see below)

2. Make sure that OT folders are visible down side. (see below)

3. Click & Drag Piece from Ready to Print into Web Uploader (folder) / Ready for Web (subfolder) - (see below)


4. Piece will now automatically upload to Wordpress as Draft.


1. Go to and login with your account details.


2. On the Dashboard click Posts. Then click Drafts (highlighted red). You should see your piece in the list of drafts.


3. Find your draft post in the list. Hover your mouse pointer over the piece's title. A series of options will appear. Click Edit to format the post (highlighted red)


Wordpress Post FormattingEdit


'Edit Post - Page Layo'ut

Yellow - Article - How To Format Article

Green - Homepage Slider - Select tickbox if you wish piece to feature in the large image slider on the Hompage.

Red - Categories - How to Edit Categories

Pink - Tags - How to Add Tags

Purple - Featured Image - How to Add Images

Red - Publish Piece - Publishing your piece

Your piece is now published or scheduled. Check out the piece, tweet it out, or have a cup of tea.